SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Review

By: blueclaybrick

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone is the newest weight loss supplement in the SlimQuick product line. It takes advantage of the latest diet craze, raspberry ketone. Thanks to a popularity bump on daytime TV by the intrepid Dr. Oz, raspberry ketone is hailed as the newest “miracle fat burner.”

Conventional knowledge is clear: diet and exercise are the keys to maintaining healthy weight. But, does SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone give you an extra boost to keep your weight in check?

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What Is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is the chemical compound that gives raspberries their aroma. It is most often used to flavor foods, cosmetics, and other products. [1] Until Dr. Oz’s announcement, it had rarely been used in weight loss supplements.

What Do Clinical Studies Say About Raspberry Ketone?

There have been very few studies on raspberry ketone, none of them involving human subjects. The animal studies show promising results, but they have not yet been replicated in humans.

In one study, mice were given a high-fat diet with 2% raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketone significantly increased fatty acid breakdown in fat cells. This study implies raspberry ketone improves metabolism and reduces the negative effects of eating fatty foods.

However, the rats had to ingest raspberry ketone in large amounts—2% of their total diet. Humans have a different composition than rats, so it is unclear what dosage would be required to see similar results in human metabolism. [2]

Another study analyzed the mechanism that caused anti-obesity in the rats. Researchers found raspberry ketone increased adiponectin, a protein hormone that regulates fat and sugar metabolism. [3]

The scientists concluded raspberry ketone held promise as an herbal medicine, but did not say how it could be used for humans. [4]

What Are the Advantages of Soft Gels?

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone is delivered in soft gels rather than tablets. A soft gel holds the active ingredient in a gelatin or cellulose capsule. [5]

Tablets are made by mixing the active ingredients with fillers that bind the tablet together. Tablets tend to be smaller than soft gels, making them easier to swallow. [6]

SlimQuick claims their soft gels absorb into the bloodstream faster. This is true; soft gels do release their active ingredients more quickly in the gastrointestinal tract.

However, a study shows that while tablets and soft gels have a different absorption rate, the body absorbs active ingredients from both sources equally well. [7]

What Is the Most Effective Dose of SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone?

Since there have been no human clinical trials of raspberry ketone, it is impossible to calculate an effective dosage. Dr. Oz recommends 100 mg per day, but did not specify how he reached that conclusion. [8]

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone recommends 100 mg as well. The directions on the bottle direct the user to take 3 soft gels in the morning with breakfast, and 3 more soft gels with lunch 6 hours later. It also recommends drinking 8 oz. water with each dose. [9]

How Much Does SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Cost?

One 60-capsule bottle of SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone costs $49.99. If you follow the dosage directions, the bottle will last 10 days.

For a more economical option, buy SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone at a pharmacy. CVS Pharmacy offers the same bottle for $29.99. Walgreens offers it for only $19.99.

Will SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Help You Lose Weight?

While the clinical trials on rats showed promising results, there is no evidence raspberry ketone alters human metabolism. Perhaps in the future, more research will reveal the proper dosage for humans so we can take advantage of raspberry ketone’s anti-obesity properties. Until then, diet and exercise are the most effective weight loss methods.


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