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Controlling your appetite can be one of the most effective ways to limit your calories and lose weight, but it can be extremely difficult without help. If you’ve been looking for an appetite suppressant to help you, you’ve come to the right place!

With all the scams and bad appetite suppressants as there are, we want consumers to have as much honest and up-to-date information as possible.

And that’s why we created We’ve done most of the work for our visitors by testing, reviewing and rating popular appetite suppressants. By using our rigorous set of criteria, we’ve found the best appetite suppressants currently available.

What Should You Be Looking for in an Appetite Suppressant?

We know it’s tough to trust the promises made by most appetite suppressant companies out there. So to help you find an appetite suppressant that works, we’ve researched the most popular appetite suppressants and then rated them based on the following criteria:

Through our research based on the above criteria, we’ve discovered the appetite suppressants that really work. You can find our recommendations on today’s best appetite suppressants as well as where you can find the lowest prices below.

5 Best Appetite Suppressants of 2014

#1 Abidexin

Best Appetite Suppressant of 2013

Effectiveness : 4.8/5
Speed of Results : 4.8/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.8/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.9/5
Overall Value : 4.8/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Day

Retail Price: $89.99

Lowest Price: $49.95

Abidexin stands out as the #1 appetite suppressant we’ve ever reviewed. The clinically-proven ingredients are so effective at helping you take complete control over your appetite you’ll have no choice but to lose weight. Abidexin packs in the most powerful and proven appetite suppressing ingredients that work with your body to help you consume fewer calories, burn more fat and raise your energy levels in a completely safe way.

Users love the way Abidexin helps them overcome their appetite, but more importantly the way it delivers real results they can see in the mirror and on the scale. Experts love the impressive formula!

This is the most complete formula for helping you easily eat smaller portions, avoid snacking and overcome cravings. The satisfaction GUARANTEE ensures you’re getting exactly what you want from an appetite suppressant 100% risk free! Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $49.95

#2 Fenphedra

Top Fenphedra

Effectiveness : 5.0/5
Speed of Results : 5.0/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.5/5
Long-Term Results : 5.0/5
Product Safety : 4.3/5
Overall Value : 4.8/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Day

Retail Price: $129.90

Lowest Price: $69.95

Fenphedra is a super-high performance appetite suppressant with the strength to completely knock out hunger and cravings. With an advanced, scientifically-developed formula, Fenphedra is stronger than prescription drugs made to limit your appetite. And Fenphedra takes it a step further by including key fat burners and energy boosters to give you every advantage possible for controlling your hunger and helping you lose weight.

Fenphedra’s unique formula targets key appetite regulators within the brain to signal feelings of satiety and fullness to prevent overeating and unnecessary snacking.

Some users have concerns with the safety of Fenphedra, but despite its strength, it remains a completely powerful and safe way to keep hunger at bay and your appetite in control. And backed by a 90-Day Guarantee, you can finally control your appetite completely risk free. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $69.95

#3 7 Day Weight Loss PIll

Best Appetite Suppressant of 2013

Effectiveness : 4.5/5
Speed of Results : 4.6/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.6/5
Long-Term Results : 4.5/5
Product Safety : 4.6/5
Overall Value : 4.9/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Day

Retail Price: $39.99

Lowest Price: $19.95

7 Day Weight Loss Pill is formulated with the most powerful fibers and pharmaceutical ingredients available! For less than $20, you can curb your appetite and optimize your digestive system in one fell swoop. But 7 Day Weight Loss Pill doesn’t stop there – it also stimulates fat burning and detoxifies the body at the same time!

If you’re looking to slim down without feeling starved, 7 Day Weight Loss Pill has you covered with over 30 all-natural, clinically tested ingredients rich in antioxidants to fight harmful free radicals. Better still, it’s completely backed with a 90% guarantee and amazing customer service! Maintaining long-term weight loss success has never been so easy. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $19.95

#4 Anoretix

Top Anoretix

Effectiveness : 4.7/5
Speed of Results : 4.7/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.8/5
Product Safety : 4.7/5
Overall Value : 4.7/5

Money-Back Guarantee: View Details

Retail Price: $79.99

Lowest Price: $49.99

As the most impressive appetite suppressant we’ve ever come across that doesn’t feature stimulants, we can say users love Anoretix. Most appetite suppressants rely heavily on stimulants such caffeine to help you avoid overeating and to keep your energy up. But Anoretix is made with a powerful caffeine-free formula that works just as powerfully as popular and more dangerous appetite suppressants on the market today.

The patented appetite suppressing and weight loss ingredients support healthy feelings of fullness and satiety. Users love the way Anoretix quickly helps them feel full and prevents over eating with the natural nutrients and ingredients proven to shut down the appetite. If overeating and controlling your cravings is a concern but you don’t want to risk your health, nothing beats the way Anoretix can help you get control. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $49.99

#5 Phentirmine

Top Adipotrol

Effectiveness : 4.6/5
Speed of Results : 4.6/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.6/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.6/5
Overall Value : 4.6/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Day

Retail Price: $129.95

Lowest Price: $69.95

Phentirmine is an all-new, natural appetite suppressant that uses only 1 powerful ingredient: gymnema, an herb native to India and Sri Lanka used for centuries to suppress hunger cravings. It’s a non-prescription diet pill that works with your body’s own processes to ensure a caloric deficit, the only tried-and-true weight loss solution.

Because it doesn’t contain stimulants or artificial ingredients, Phentirmine can be taken without worry of side effects or energy crashes. It’s a simple once-a-day pill designed to dramatically reduce the amount of high-caloric foods you eat, like junk food, sugar, and fat. Additionally, it reduces glucose absorption in the bloodstream, preventing new fat storage. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $69.95

#1 Appetite Suppressant




90 Day

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  • Most Powerful & Proven Appetite Suppressant Available
  • Controls Hunger & Limits Cravings
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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